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How to clone a Purchase Order


The Clone function for a Purchase Order allows you to replicate a Purchase Order, from any status. This helps to save time when creating new, repeat orders for Suppliers or when creating a new, corrected Purchase Order to replace a previous one.

  1. Open the Purchase Order you want to replicate:

  2. In the top right-hand corner, click on Clone.

  3. A pop-up window will appear, "Enter the details for your new Purchase Order". Fill in the available fields to align with your new Purchase Order's requirements.
    • Supplier Code: enter the new Purchase Order's Supplier
    • Supplier Reference: Enter the Supplier's reference for the new Purchase Order
    • Delivery Date: Enter the expected delivery date of the Purchase Order
    • Use supplier/product price and discount: If ticked, the new Supplier's prices will apply. If unticked, the prices from the original Purchase Order will apply. 

  4. Select Clone Purchase Order, a new Purchase Order will be created in Parked status. 

It is also possible to Clone a Purchase Order from the View Purchases tab, by hovering over the Acton Cog along the original Purchase Order's row. 

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