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Subscriptions and Add-ons in Shopify



Some subscriptions can be used alongside our Shopify integration, but will often require a workaround. See below for the steps. 

Important things to note:

  • Not all subscriptions are guaranteed to be compatible with the Unleashed integration.
  • Third-party apps or Add-ons in your Shopify store may also conflict with the integration.
  • It is recommended to thoroughly test this with an Unleashed Trial account before integrating into your live environment.

For any questions, please submit a case to our Experience Team.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Create a second product in Unleashed which will be mapped to your Subscription product in Shopify. The Product Code/SKU can be similar, but not identical. Our suggestion is to add an S at the end of one of the Product Codes to indicate it is the Subscription version.




2. In those product records, enable Component Product for your primary product, and Assembled Product for your secondary product.






3. Create a Bill of Materials for your Subscription product, by going to Production > Bill of Materials > Add Bill of Materials. Your assembled product is going to be the Subscription product, and the component is going to be 1 unit of the main product. It's also important to toggle on 'Can Auto Assemble'




4. In the Shopify configuration, toggle on 'Include quantities for auto-assembled products' as this will ensure the 'Can assemble' quantity will export to the Subscription product in Shopify.




5. When an order is created for the Subscription product, an assembly will automatically be created. When you complete the order, the assembly will also be completed, and this will reduce the stock on hand of the component, being the primary product. 

The Available quantity will therefore be reduced for your primary product, as well as the 'Can Assemble' quantity for the Subscription product, so an update will be sent to both product records in Shopify.


If you require further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Just click on 'NEW CASE' at the top of the page to submit a ticket.

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