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Shopify Refunds and Restocks


Option to create Free Credits from your Refund and Restock actions within Shopify.

The Shopify Journey

In order to better understand the process behind this Unleashed feature, let's go through what the journey in Shopify looks like: 

Unleashed will be focusing on the refund and restock part of this journey.

Although you can trigger the creation of refunds and restocks from a return - Unleashed will not import any information from the return functionality.


Refunds and Restocks

Shopify holds control of the restock functionality within the refund as a tick box:

Ticking this box from your Shopify refund will ensure that the Stock on Hand and value is returned to your Unleashed warehouse.

In consideration to refund and restock value deviations from the original order, Unleashed will redistribute the stock value across the different products according to the weighted average cost of the products on the free credit.

If adjusting the refund values is something that is engrained within your processes, we would recommend selecting Placed as the status of your free credit - this way, you will be able to review and adjust the distribution of values based on your preferences.

Unleashed will not import any order details against the free credit; the number generated against the credit note has no correlation to the sales order in question. We recommend adding the Shopify order number within the Unleashed Free Credits comment field for reference.


Before we begin

Connection Refresh

As this is a new feature, accounts which have been using the current version of the Shopify eCommerce Hub may need to refresh their connection to utilise this enhancement.

Simply navigate to the eCommerce Hub > Shopify > Configure button (on your target store) and select Refresh Connection.

Free Credit Customer

You are required to select and choose one customer record for which all of your refunds will be recorded against. You might want to create one specific customer for this purpose, or use the same single customer record you have been using for your Shopify store.

At this stage, Refunds and Restocks will only work for your Unleashed Account's base currency -  please ensure your free credit customer carries your base currency.



Enable this from eCommerce hub > Shopify <Store> | Configuration.


1. Scroll down to the Shopify Restocks and Refunds section then turn the switch ON


2. Select the status for which you require the free credit to be created as within Unleashed (Parked or Completed)

Note: Transactions containing serial and batch tracked products will fail to Complete as you would need to manually choose this from the free credit.

3. Type in the Free Credit Customer on the field provided 
Note: Select a customer that is carrying your Unleashed account's Base Currency

4. Select Save





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