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Working with Open-Source Integrations

Open-Source eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce are fantastic tools to sell your goods online due to their customisability & wealth of add-ons/plugins. However, these aspects also make WooCommerce tricky to integrate with successfully, as we simply cannot account for each specific use case & add-ons/plugin.

Our new WooCommerce Integration has been built with the majority of use cases in mind, and as this is the first iteration of the integration, we will be looking to refine this further in order to cater to a wider range of WooCommerce setups.

The Integration configurations are also being refined and do require you to adhere to the steps outlined WooCommerce Integration SetupPlease review this help file prior to attempting to connect.

Finally, please do not be alarmed if your first attempt at connecting is unsuccessful, this could be due to one of the below reasons:


Store URL issues

The Store URL input field is where you first initiate a connection from Unleashed to WooCommerce. The URL that you input will need to be in the correct format for this to be successful. 

The URL entered must not contain "https://" or any "/" or "/store" within it. 

For example, the URL would be entered as "" in the Store.

Store URLs such as "" are also accepted.

The connection will only work with secure sites (https), we do not support non-https connections/sites.


I am getting 404 errors, what could cause this?

From WooCommerce REST API Documentation, it suggests you should set up  "Pretty permalinks" in your Wordpress admin page.

You can access the settings for "Pretty permalinks" under Settings > Permalinks and choose a Permalink structure other than "Plain". We recommend you discuss this with your store administrator before actioning the change.


I've accidentally entered incorrect store details and now it won't let me try again!

No worries! If you accidentally enter some incorrect details or add a typo this can cause an error that we are working on resolving. 

In the meantime you can quickly try again by first selecting Configuration > Uninstall App



From here you'll be free to attempt a connection again.

Some common trouble shooting to understand if this has occurred for your account is to check if: 

You can access the Connection Log, but you have no results and an inactive status:


Or, if you receive the following error when selecting Install:



I've connected my store, why are my Products failing to Export to WooCommerce?

During the initial setup all your sellable products in Unleashed will be exported to WooCommerce. This can be a large amount of data if your product list is large, as the server your Wordpress site or WooCommerce Store is hosted on may not have the capacity to receive this influx of information.

If you come across this error please reach out to our team by submitting a case.

If this is confirmed to be the case, we will need to discuss temporarily increasing your server capacity with your provider.

Alternatively, you can let the connection continue as it. Sales will still be imported via the store, and during this process Products can be mapped between the system (if set up manually on the WooCommerce end), which will allow Unleashed to export stock on hand in real time moving forward.


I've connected my store, why do I get errors when attempting to get and import missing orders?

A potential solution seems to be to add Unleashed's IP address to the Wordfence's settings. Please ensure the following Unleashed IP addresses are whitelisted:



How do I know if my Plugins or Add-ons are affecting my integration?

WooCommerce Extensions and Wordpress Plugins do have the potential to impact your connection to Unleashed Software.

For example, we have seen that certain "Captcha" extensions will incorrectly monitor the API calls and reject communications between Unleashed and WooCommerce.

Captcha example:


If you are seeing your connection behaving like a bad robot, it could be due to one of your extensions or plugins. Please reach out to our support team, by logging a case. Our team will be able to advise if your plugins or extensions are known to cause issues with the WooCommerce Integration, and can let you know of your options to resolve the issue.


Another plugin identified - "Wordfence", it restricts Unleashed's access so that we can't successfully sync products and orders. A potential solution seems to be to add Unleashed's IP address to the Wordfence's settings. Please ensure the following Unleashed IP addresses are whitelisted:


PS. We can't guarantee those IP addresses would never change, but they're pretty much fixed.


In some cases, we are receiving a response from their WooCommerce API that suggests the requests are being blocked by a firewall rule or similar. This can often be triggered by their store hosting provider disallowing requests to their API from our integration, perhaps by Cloudflare or a similar product).

We suggest you engage with your hosting provider in the first instance.


Please note: Other extensions and plugins may affect the integration in a way that is outside Unleashed's control. Should this be the case, you may have to contact the extension/plugin provider or consider an alternative extension/plugin.


How do I find my Extensions and Plugins?

In order to find your particular extensions and plugins, you will need access to your WooCommerce or Wordpress site admin.

Once you have access, you are able to check the Wordpress Plugins by selecting Plugins on the left hand menu:


To check your WooCommerce Extensions, select WooCommerce > Extensions > My Subscriptions via the left hand menu:


Please note: We would advise that you let our team know of any extensions or plugins you have when discussing technical issues, to ensure that we have full troubleshooting visibility. 


Why is my Stock on Hand failing to export to WooCommerce?

Here are a few common reasons as to why the Stock on Hand is could be failing to export:

Manage Stock Level is Disabled

Manage Stock Level is a setting on the WooCommerce Product Record, which indicates if that product should have a quantity against it. If this is disabled, then Unleashed will not be able to export Stock on Hand values.

To check or adjust this, simply select the Product from your Wordpress site and make sure the check box for Manage Stock Level is enabled:



Product Variants

Our WooCommerce Integration does not support Variant Products. This means that we will not be able to export Stock on Hand values to a Product that is recorded as a Variant within a WooCommerce Store.

If you see a failed Stock On Hand export in your Connection Log, we suggest ensuring that the product is not listed as a variant. 


Extensions and Plugins

Extensions and plugins can affect the integration, with frequent reports of Captcha extensions specifically rejecting Stock on Hands exports falsely. Please reach out to our Experience Team if you suspect this could be the case, so we can confirm and advise your next steps from here.



Why are my orders failing to import into Unleashed?

Orders can fail to import to Unleashed due to the following common issues:

Guest Customer entered incorrectly

The Guest Customer configuration within the Configuration Tab (WooCommerce Integration Setup) needs to match an Unleashed Customer Code exactly in order for the integration to successfully import a guest customer sale. Please check to make sure this has been input correctly.


Order import status = Completed

If the Order Import status on the Configuration tab in Unleashed is set to "Completed" and there’s not enough stock the log displays an error even with a successful import to Unleashed.


Tax Exclusive Pricing

It is a requirement for this integration that your WooCommerce store is set to be Tax Inclusive.

If your pricing configuration is Tax Exclusive, then your sales will fail to import. If you see the following error in your connection log, please check your settings and adjust as necessary:



Tax Code Differences

It is a requirement for this integration that your Tax Codes and Rates match between Unleashed and WooCommerce.

If these do not match, then your Sales are likely to fail to import. If you see a similar error message to the image below within your Connection Log, you may need to adjust or create the Tax Codes and Rates in Unleashed to facilitate a successful Sales Import.


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