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Xero Errors


What is the Xero date-locked error?

 What is the error - "The document date cannot be before the period lock date, currently set at XX-XXX-20XX The document date cannot be before the end of year lock date, currently set at XX-XX-20XX"?

 If this error appears in the failed exports, the lock date could be set by on Xero.

You will need to refer back to your Xero account or if you have an accountant, inquire or find out if you're able to send over a transaction to Xero and unlock the date.

Unfortunately, This cannot be fixed on Unleashed and this amended on your Xero.


Xero Account Has Exceeded Its Daily Rate Limit of 5000 Requests.

Xero account has exceeded its daily rate limit of 5000 requests. 

There is no solution as this is a limitation set by Xero. However, after a 24 hour rolling period, this will reset and transactions should post as usual. 

  • Concurrent Limit: 5 calls in progress at one time
  • Minute Limit: 60 calls per minute
  • Daily Limit: 5000 calls per day

Xero Rate limits

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