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After the WooCommerce Integration


Find the WooCommerce Integration option in Unleashed
Process: WooCommerce and Unleashed Integration
Field Mappings
Uninstall the Connection


Find WooCommerce in the Unleashed menu under eCommerce Hub

Once the integration is completed:
  • Stock Management: You will no longer need to manage stock through WooCommerce. Instead, you will receive your stock through Unleashed.
  • Stock Reports: All stock reports should only be run in Unleashed.
  • Price Settings: A condition for setup is that the WooCommerce Prices are set to be Tax Inclusive. The integration has been built to accommodate this format with processes in place to convert back to the Unleashed Tax Exclusive format. If this is not set correctly then Sales could fail to import or values could be incorrect.

Changes, Credits, and Refunds:

  • Making updates to an existing order in WooCommerce is not recommended – the best practice is to create a new order in WooCommerce.
  • You cannot add to existing transactions in Unleashed, but you can process credits.
  • Refunds are not integrated with Unleashed and must be manually created.


    • Unleashed controls Stock on Hand. It is recommended that you do not make any manual changes in WooCommerce.
    • Unleashed is Master:
      • Products created in Unleashed or marked as "Sellable" are synced to WooCommerce.
      • Product edits in Unleashed are not synced to WooCommerce (Note: the exception to this is edits made to the Product Code in Unleashed).
      • Products created or edited in WooCommerce are not synced to Unleashed.


Process: WooCommerce and Unleashed Integration

The following processes are examples that demonstrate how WooCommerce works with Unleashed after the integration is completed.

Example Process 1

  1. You receipt in a purchase order in Unleashed.
  2. Unleashed updates the quantities in WooCommerce for the products receipted.

Example Process 2

  1. You sell a product in WooCommerce.
  2. With the integration Unleashed attempts to create the sales order based on the status set in the configuration page and allocates stock to that sale order in Unleashed.
  3. Sales orders will be brought into the warehouse automatically, from the mapping that was configured during the setup process.


Field Mappings 

Product field mapping

Unleashed WooCommerce
Guid id


ProductDescription name
Product Notes description
AvailableQty (or Stock on Hand - Allocated Qty + the quantity they can assemble based on their components in the case of Auto-Assembled products) stock_quantity
Images Not Available 
Weight weight
Width dimensions {width}
Height dimensions {height}
Depth dimensions {length}
NeverDiminishing mange_stock


Stock on Hand / Availability

Once a Mapping has been established between an Unleashed Product and WooCommerce, Stock Quantities will be exported from Unleashed to WooCommerce.

  • Stock Quantity Master = Unleashed

  • The Availability value in Unleashed will be exported to the Stock Quantity field in WooCommerce.

    • Except in the case where the product is an Auto-Assembled Product. In this case the Can Assemble Quantity + Available Quantity will be sent to WooCommerce.

  • Stock Quantity Update Frequency: 15 minutes.


Customer Matching & Synchronisation

Customer records will be matched only at the point of Sales Order Import. At this stage, we will identify if the WooCommerce Customer matches an Unleashed Customer Record via the following Matching Criteria.

Customer Matching Criteria: Unleashed Customer Name + Email = WooCommerce Customer First Name + Last Name + Email

  • If the match is successful then no changes will be made to the Unleashed or WooCommerce Customer Record.

  • If no match is identified then a new Customer will be created in Unleashed based on the below field mappings.

  • If the WooCommerce Customer matches the specified Guest Customer, then no changes are made to the guest customer.

Note: There is no ongoing Customer Detail synchronisation between Unleashed & WooCommerce.

Customer field Mapping:
Unleashed WooCommerce
CustomerCode WOO-(store-domain-name)-(customer_id)
CustomerName first_name + last_name
Contact First Name first_name
Contact Last Name last_name
Email email
Street Address shipping.address_1
Street Address2 shipping.address_2
Region shipping.state
PostalCode shipping.postcode
PhoneNumber phone
Notes role (read-only)
Note: There will be no Contact details (eg Contact Name and Phone Number) mapped to Unleashed when the Guest Account Mapping is used. Only the Delivery address will be mapped to the appropriate Sales Order. 

Sales Order Import

Sales Order Importing Behaviour 

  • Import Trigger: Sales will import automatically from WooCommerce to Unleashed based on the WooCommerce Order Status “Processing”. Once the order has hit this status on the WooCommerce side, the import event will be triggered.

    Alternatively, the Import Missing Orders function within the Data Management tab will allow an Unleashed user to manually action an import event for a selection of orders. When using this function, orders with the status “Processing” will be available to import.

  • Unleashed Order Status: Orders will be imported in the status defined in the configuration page.

  • Warehouses: Orders will be imported to the Warehouse defined in the configuration page.

  • Customers: The Matching criteria referenced in the above Customer section will be used to identify if:

  1. The WooCommerce Customer is related to an existing Unleashed Customer. In this case, we’ll assign the sale to this existing customer
  2. The WooCommerce Customer doesn’t relate to an existing Unleashed Customer. In this case, we’ll create a new customer in Unleashed & assign the sale to the new customer.
    Note: We will follow the following structure when creating a new Customer in Unleashed. Prefix WOO-Store domain name-unique WooCommerce customer code eg. This will allow you to easily identify these new WooCommerce store customers in your Unleashed account and your sales orders. 
  3. There is no WooCommerce Customer, in which case we’ll try to use the Guest Customer selected or fail to import if no Guest Customer is set.
  • Order Details: The details of the Order in Unleashed should match those seen in WooCommerce for the following areas:

    • Assigned Customer (or Guest Account)

    • Delivery Information

    • Line Details

      • exceptions include Discount & Tax (see the Other section below).

    • Charge line

      • except for the Unleashed rounding charge used to ensure the totals match

    • Order Totals

      • With the difference in rounding for discounts & tax conversions, it is expected the Sub-Totals may be slightly different; however, the overall Order Total should match between the systems via the rounding charge mentioned.

    • Tax Codes

    • Dates

  • Shipments & Invoices: Shipments & Invoices will not be affected by the WooCommerce Integration at this stage. These will not be created or adjusted.

  • Synchronisation: Once the order has been successfully imported to Unleashed, there will be no further synchronisation between Unleashed & WooCommerce. This means that adjustments to the details or status made in either systems to the order will not be mirrored. The user will need to do this manually.

Sales Order field Mapping:
Unleashed WooCommerce
Guid id
OrderNumber number
CurrencyCode currency
OrderDate date_created
OrderQuantity quantity
DeliveryName company
DeliveryStreetAddress address_1
DeliveryStreetAddress2 address_2
DeliveryCity city
DeliveryRegion state
DeliveryCountry country
DeliveryPostCode postcode
SalesOrderLines - TaxRate Order - Line items properties
SalesOrderLines - LineTax taxes
LineTaxCode rate_code
TaxTotal total_tax
TaxRate tax_class




  • Tax Inclusive vs Exclusive: The Tax Inclusive Pricing configuration in WooCommerce needs to be enabled for success.

  • Tax Types in WooCommerce: WooCommerce tax on Sales will need to be 1x tax rate per line & non-Compounded (e.g Australian Wine and Exise (WET) tax). This allows us to adhere to current Unleashed functionality.

  • Tax Codes: Tax Codes on Sales will need to match exactly in order for a successful import. This is standard for integrations & consistent.

  • Reporting: Unleashed Tax Exclusive reports will need to match the WooCommerce Tax Inclusive reports (sub-totals).


Discounts will be displayed in Unleashed Sales Orders as a % on a per-line basis. We’ll identify the correct % to apply by comparing the WooCommerce Sales Sub-Total incl. discount to the Sub-Total exc. discount.

  • Rounding charge line will be used where applicable to ensure totals match between the systems.

WooCommerce has 4 different types of Discount / Coupons that are supported.

The following 3x Discount / Coupons will be managed by conversion to a % on a per line basis in the Unleashed SO:

  • Fixed Cart Discount: An Overall currency Discount applied to the order. Currency value discount is dictated by the admin.

  • Percentage Discount: A %-based discount over the whole order. % dictated by admin

  • Fixed Product Discount: A Currency-value discount applied to a product or group of products. Admin discounts the value & which products this is applied to.

The 4th discount is a front page discount only, for example “was 2k, now only 1.8k!”. This “discount” will be treated like an un-discounted line price & will show on the Unleashed Sales Order as simply “1.8k” (using the previous example).

Currency details

  • The WooCommerce Base Currency should match Unleashed Base Currency for a successful integration.

  • WooCommerce only supports 1x Currency per store. However, there are a number of add-ons that will offer multi-currency functionality for displayed prices & payments. We cannot support & test them all.


Uninstall your connection

If you decide to remove the integration between WooCommerce and Unleashed, simply go to eCommerce Hub, click on the WooCommerce Active tile, and then on the Configuration tab you will find the Uninstall App option.

Click on the label and follow the instructions. 

To downgrade your integration subscription to remove the WooCommerce integration add-on, you need to contact Unleashed Support. 


I you only want to pause the integration click on the Disconnect WooCommerce option.

Unpause the connection, just click on the Save Configuration button to reactivate.

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