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WooCommerce Integration Setup



Find WooCommerce in the Unleashed menu under eCommerce Hub 

  1. Go to eCommerce Hub | WooCommerce
  2. From the Integration Store, you can set up and configure your integration
  3. Click on the WooCommerce tile


It is recommended that you go through all the menu options and review the functions before activating the integration.

WooCommerce Integration Setup tutorial


Overview tab

Going to the Overview page for the first time you will have to be the billing owner to subscribe to the service. The first 30 days are complimentary to help you get it all setup and tested.

1. Once your account has subscribed to the service, in the Store URL field, paste the URL of your WooCommerce store. Ensure there is no https:// prefix, and no forward slash / at the end of our URL

2. Click on the Install button 

On this page, you will also find more information about WooCommerce and its integration with Unleashed.


3. Provide your Admin login details to your WooCommerce store:


4. If the URL and login details are valid, the following window will display. To complete the link, click on the Approve button:


5. Once activated, the store URL will be displayed on the Integration page and new tabs will be displayed. The inactive buttons indicate that the setup has not been completed. Click on the Configuration tab to complete the integration:


Use the Configuration tab to set up the import/export settings for your shop:


Once all fields are configured, the Save Configuration button will become active and you will be able to finish your integration setup: 

Use the Configuration tab to set up your initial integration. It is recommended to use these options only when you start the integration process because all the records are imported/exported. You must use the options on the Configuration tab for subsequent import/export to speed up the process.

  • SOH count: You have the option to display aggregated SOH count across all warehouses or just a single warehouse into WooCommerce. (When connecting your Sandbox Unleashed account it is recommended that you first export your current SOH out of WC (especially if this is your current source of truth), then import this into the sandbox as a SOH Import or Stock Count (depending on the maturity of the account).

    This way the SOH will match so when you connect and Unleashed 'updates' the stock it won't matter that it's overridden.) 

  • Guest Account Mapping: This configuration will determine which Unleashed Customer Record is to be used when importing Guest Orders or Orders without a recorded Customer in WooCommerce. This will be a free-text field with a tooltip and the input should be the guest customer's Customer Code. NOTE: Please ensure you have created this guest customer in your Unleashed account. Also bear in mind that the Guest Customer will not sync the contact name and phone number from WooCommerce into Unleashed's Sales Order.

  • Order Warehouse Mapping: Configure which warehouse is the default for WooCommerce Sales Orders
  • Unleashed Order Status: Indicate the standard status to be used for importing all WooCommerce Sales Orders. The available statuses are: Parked, Placed and Completed
    Note: When using the import missing orders under the data management tab the system will search all Processing and Completed orders to find missing ones for the period (Max last 30 days)  
    NOTE: If the Import status is set to "Complete" and there’s not enough stock the log will display an error even with a successful import.


  • Product Price Sync:  Enable to sync product pricing from Unleashed to WooCommerce.

    • Turned on

      • Existing products - sync occurs from product updates in Unleashed - either through clicking the save button from the product page or through a product csv import

      • New products - Price is mapped as products are exported to WooCommerce during product export

    • Turned off

      • Existing Products - no sync/updates

      • New Products - not mapping the price when exported products to WooCommerce


    • Product Sell Price Tier - Selected product price tier will be applied to this shop

      • The selected Sell Price Tier will be applied to products in Woocommerce upon product update/export IF the product price sync is enabled.

      • When the product's Sell Price Tier is blank/not defined then we export the Default Sell Price of that product

      • Changes will reflect on new products AND when updating existing products

      • When product price sync is disabled, no product sell price tier update

  • Export Product Status: Not Applicable for WooCommerce integration at this stage.

Data Management

Use the Data Management tab to manage your ongoing integration, allowing you to import missing orders from WooCommerce.

Simply select a Start and End date and click on the Find button. Missing orders will be listed – select the ones you want to import and click on the Import button.


  • The date range will be restricted to a max of 1 Month (31 days) 
  • The Missing Orders field will display a maximum of 100 orders with the oldest orders first


Connection Log

Use the Connection Log to review any data exchange activities between Unleashed and WooCommerce and fix errors, if any.

The logs record only the last 7 days of activity displaying 20 activities per page. The following filters can be used on the Log Level:

  • ALL - displays both 'ERROR' and 'INFO' logs
  • INFO - displays any completed actions such as products import and update and orders imported successfully. SOH updates are scheduled for every 15 minutes. When a new product is added to Unleashed it will also trigger a sync and create that product in WooCommerce. 
  • ERROR - displays any failed imports or product errors and the Log message would suggest what action to take to fix it. If you are unsure on how to resolve these, please submit a case to our Experience Team.


After the WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce FAQs

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