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  1. I do not have any Lead Days or Min, Max stock Days set for my products, what should I do?
    1. Select the set of products you want to update (Product Group, Warehouse and or Supplier)
    2. Selecting Just in Time strategy to use for the set,
      • Add new Lead Days, using the options available 
      • Min Buffer, Max Buffer parameters.
      • Click on Calculate to add Lead Days to the grid and calculate new Min and Max stock levels.
    3. Or Select Stock Days Strategy
      • Add Min days of stock (Reorder point)
      • Add Max days of stock (Safety stock)
      • Add new Lead Days, using the options available
      • Click on Calculate to add Lead Days to the grid and calculate new Min and Max stock levels.
    4. Or Select Manual strategy
      • Add Min stock quantity (Reorder point)
      • Add Max stock quantity (Safety stock)
      • Add New Lead Days using the options available
    5. Manually change values in the grid
    6. Make sure all products you want to update are selected
    7. Submit for processing
    8. View Summary, add a name to the set and Confirm
    9. System processes the change in Unleashed Core.

  2. I have a new Product with no Rate of Demand, lead days or Min and Max stock levels how can I update this product using AIM?
    1. Prerequisites:
      • You will need to have some SOH for your new Product (Using Import of stock on hand or completing a purchase order.
      • You will need to link this product to a default supplier
    2. On the Modelling page search for your new product using the Product search.
    3. Select Manual Strategy
    4. Enter Lead Day, Min and Max values and click the Calculate button
    5. In the Grid these new values will be added to the New Lead Days, New Min and New Max stock days columns. You may adjust these yellow columns as they are editable fields.
    6. Select all the records to update using the column to the left or deselect those you do not want to update.
    7. Click on the Submit button
    8. Give this change a name and click on the Confirm button.
    9. Now this change will be processed by AIM to update these values in Unleashed
    10. Once the updating process is completed and you search for this product again in the Modelling page you will see the new values. 

  3. I want to add demand forecasting to my product sets so that I can ensure that I never run out of stock. With the demand forecasted the New Min and Max stock values will ensure I don’t run out of stock and lose sales or keep too much stock in my warehouse(s). How can I do this?
    1. On the Modelling page, search for your product or a set of products to add forecasts for.
    2. You can review your products on the modelling page but you don’t have to select a strategy or do any calculations, just click on the AIM icon in the Forecast column.
    3. The Product Forecast page will slide out where you will see:
      • The Product name and code you selected
      • The current Warehouse (if applicable and PWC = ON otherwise you will see Global as the Warehouse).
      • The default Supplier for this product – If you do not have a default supplier it will show as Unspecified supplier.
      • See historical charts to the left showing the historical performance of this product.
      • Next to these historical charts you will find the Forecast and Demand Grid/table - here you will enter the forecast values in the Forecast column.
      • Date From and Date To drop-down options to select a date range to use for the calculations and display the correct period in the grid
      • to the right of the page a chart with the Actual and Forecasted values (if available)
      • The Strategy selection at the top of the grid allows you to select a strategy to use for this product. 
      • Strategy controls to add or adjust parameters for the calculations are like the Modelling page and are below the righthand chart. 
      • Save button – To save to the product record on the Modelling page (not submitting yet)
    4. After adding forecasted values and saving the page you can close it, on the Modelling page you can now Submit your changes. 

  4. I have a product with Lead Days and Min and Max stock levels, but I know that I am not going to sell this product anymore, how can I remove this from my AIM product list?
    1. Go to Modelling page
    2. Search for the specific product and apply the filters
    3. Set the New Lead Days, New Min and New Max levels to 0
    4. Click on the Submit button to submit these changes to the Product record
    5. Now you just need to sell or write off the remaining products.
    6. Once your SOH for the product is 0 you can change the status to Obsoleted. AIM excludes all Obsoleted products.




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