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  1. I want to calculate New Min and New Max stock levels for my Dead Stock using JIT but AIM just gives me 0 Min and Max stock quantities for my products. Why is it not giving me new stock levels, I do have SOH for these products?
    • Dead Stock does not have any Rate of Demand for the period selected. The Just in Time strategy needs a Rate of Demand and Min Max stock buffers to calculate the New Min and Max stock levels. You may accept the 0-quantity recommendations from AIM if you know this product will no longer sell in the future.
    • We recommend that you use the Manual strategy to update Min and Max values for these ‘Dead stock’. Just remember once you make a sale or use this product in assemblies, a Rate of Demand will be available which will then move this product to the ‘Live Stock’ category and potentially flag it as Overstocked or Understocked depending on the levels set.

  2. Why are all my products showing Unspecified for Stock Position?
    • Because there are no Min and Max stock values set for these products

  3. Why did the New Lead Days in AIM not update lead days in my Product record in Unleashed?
    • Your product does not have a Default Supplier so AIM could not save the New Lead Days to your product for the specific supplier.

  4. I added a default Supplier to my product in Unleashed but it does not show in AIM, why?
    • The ETL processes all changes on the hour for the previous hour. If you made a change in Unleashed at 14:15, then the change will most probably only show in AIM at 15:30 after the 15:00 ETL run.

  5. Why do I see a red “VALUES SHOWN ARE FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY” label?
    • This is because you are a trialist of Unleashed or have a Partner account. We do not have a dedicated AIM database for each Trial/Partner account.

  6. Why don’t I see Disassemblies in AIM?
    • AIM does not show you the disassembled transactions but you will be able to view the net quantity of products and the rate of demand of these products you assembled into and then use them in assemblies or sell them.

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