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Prospect CRM Integration



Prospect CRM 

Prospect is the #1 Stock-Aware CRM system out there, perfect for any Wholesaler, Distributor, or Manufacturer. This system is an excellent compliment to Unleashed's powerful inventory management capabilities. If you don't already have Prospect & love sales, then trailing Prospect should be top of your to-do-list!


Prospect - Unleashed Integration

Even prior to the arrival of The Access Group, Unleashed & Prospect have worked closely together! As complimentary softwares it was really a no-brainer to hook the two systems up. Thus, the phenomenal team at Prospect developed a slick Prospect-Unleashed integration where the relevant Stock & Sales data can efficiently transfer between the two systems.


Prospect - Unleashed Exchange

The following datasets are exchanged via the Prospect Integration:

Unleashed to Prospect

  • All Customer, Supplier, & Product data

  • All Sales & Purchasing related transactions

  • All Bill of Materials data

  • Setting Data Including: Warehouses, Tax settings, Units of Measure, Currencies, and Delivery Methods

Prospect to Unleashed

  • New Customers
  • New Products
  • New Sales

Prospect: Full Integration Capabilities Help Doc

Prospect Integration Information & Assistance

Although Prospect & Unleashed are now both part of the wider Access Group suite of products, Prospect has direct ownership of the awesome integration they have built. 

With this in mind, if you require assistance relating to the Integration, further information on the ins & outs, or simply want to provide feedback or suggestions, it is recommended that you reach out directly to the team at Prospect.

Helpful Links & Contact Details

Unleashed - Prospect SSO & SSU

Unleashed - Prospect Single Sign Up

Interested in checking out Prospect CRM and the Integration to Unleashed? We've made it super easy to test this out with a new seamless Single Sign Up process where you can quickly whip up a free trial of Prospect with the Unleashed Integration automatically set up for you.

To activate this, simply select Integration > Integration Store > Prospect from the left hand menu in your Unleashed account. Then Select "Create a free Trial":


Once selected you will be prompted to authorise Prospects access to the data in your Unleashed Account:


If you are happy to Allow Access to the specified Datasets then proceed by selecting "Allow Access". Once selected the process will begin to build your new Prospect Trial & Integration. When this process is complete you'll be able to access your trial by selecting "Go to existing Account". This will take you to the Prospect Dashboard where you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a seamless, stock-aware, CRM system.

Unleashed - Prospect Single Sign On

Existing Prospect users (or new trialists) can directly access their Prospect account from this section too! 

Simply select Integration > Integration Store > Prospect from the left hand menu in your Unleashed account.

Once you've landed in this section Unleashed & Prospect have a quick chin-wag to identify if you are an existing user in a Prospect account (live or demo). 

If your Unleashed User Email matches your Prospect User Email, we can recognise that you are an existing user in both systems & will present you with a "Go to existing Account" button. Selecting this will open up your Prospect account in a new tab!



Unleashed - Prospect: Request Access

This section can also recognise if you have an active Prospect - Unleashed Integration attached to your Unleashed account even if your particular user account doesn't have direct access to the Prospect Account.

If you'd like to gain access to the Prospect account, this area can also help you quickly Request Access from your Prospect Administrator.

Simply select Integration > Integration Store > Prospect from the left hand menu in your Unleashed account. From here select "Request permission to existing account" and select "Request Access" from within the resulting Prospect Tab.



This process will action a Request Email to be sent to your Prospect Administrator making it very easy for you to adjust your Prospect permissions and access your Prospect account via Unleashed.

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