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How to check for variances between Unleashed and Xero



You can see any transactions (including journals) that are not matching between Unleashed and Xero.


Follow the Steps Below: 

  1. Navigate to Integration
  2. Click Integration Store
  3. Select Xero 
  4. Click on Export Data tab
  5. Select the transaction tab you want to review
    • Invoices, Journals, Customer and etc.
  6. Adjust the date period
  7. Click Reconcile Transactions
    • A notification will appear in the top menu bar. This will show when the reconciliation for that transaction type has been completed.
  8. Refresh the page
  9. Set the date period to the one you reconciled against. 
  10. To identify which transactions are not matching Xero:
    • The variance will not be 0.00
    • There will be no Xero link in the View Column
  11. Click Export if you wish to manually export a transactionmceclip1.png

We recommend completing this process every 1-2 weeks to keep on track for your end of month processes. This will speed up each reconcile and also allow you time to make corrections sooner if needed.  


Additional Information: 

When the 'Use Receipted Stock In Assemblies' setting is enabled in your Company Settings, it can lead to variances within the Xero Integration. Please see the breakdown below:

1. Purchase Order Receipt:

  • A Purchase Order is created and Receipted
  • The SOH (Stock on Hand) and ALC (Average Landed Cost) for these products are updated in Unleashed and the SOH account in Xero is updated to align accordingly

2. Assembly:

  • The products from the Receipted Purchase Order are used as components in a completed assembly
  • The component products are removed from stock, resulting in 0 products in stock

3. Additional Costs on the Purchase Order:

  • Additional Costs are added to the Receipted Purchase Order, displayed in the Costing Total for the products in the Purchase Order
  • The component product is recosted with the Additional Costs, but it's ALC is not recalculated whilst there's 0 SOH

4. Xero Integration:

  • A Purchase Order Recost Journal is sent to Xero including the Additional Costs
  • This creates a variance as the value increase is now showing in Xero, but not in Unleashed

It’s essential to monitor these variances and ensure accurate financial reporting across both platforms.

To reconcile these variances you will either have to:

Manually adjust this in Xero to match the SOH account with Unleashed


Create a Stock Revaluation in Unleashed to match Xero's value and delete the Journal this creates in Xero

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