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Xero Integration How To's and FAQs


How To's



How To's

How to check the export status of my transactions?

You have the ability to check the status and manually export any file from the following page; go to 

  1. Integration>Integration Store>Xero>Configuration>Export Data
  2. Select your transaction type and date range.


How to reset my Unleashed integration with Xero?

You can do this by sliding off/on the toggle switch on the following page;

Settings>Integration Store>Xero>Configure

When switching this on, you will be prompted with a Xero Pop Up window to authorize the connection!


How to Reconcile Unleashed and Xero

If the amount in your Stock on Hand asset in Xero is different to the stock-on-hand figure in Unleashed, then you can perform some steps to address this issue.

Each step is outlined below and it is best if you follow them in order:

  1. Work out when the two values last matched. This is imperative because if they never matched then there is no way they will match after using Unleashed. Please bear in mind that for Sales journals, the Dispatch Date will be used in Xero as opposed to the Completed Date (which is what is used in Unleashed when recording the transaction). Therefore, when comparing the stock on hand value for a historical date, if the Dispatch Date differs to the Completed Date, you will not be able to reconcile. 
  2. Make sure all transactions from Unleashed are processed in Unleashed and approved in Xero. In Unleashed at the bottom of the screen you will see your failed exports and the Xero queue. What you should be seeing is 0 failed exports and nothing in the process queue. Inside Xero you will need to make sure all your Accounts Payable / Purchase drafts from Unleashed are approved.
  3. If it is not matching by now then you should run a 'Account Transactions' report inside Xero for your Stock on Hand account. Every single transaction being made to this account should be from Unleashed so anything being posted from elsewhere will cause a variance. The report can be found under 'All Reports' in Xero.

  4. If you still cannot find what is causing the variance then you could try using the Xero Export screen to find out if everything in Unleashed has in fact been sent to Xero and approved. From this screen you can also re-export any missing transactions.

    If these steps do not help in finding the variance, then you may need to make an adjustment in Xero and monitor the balances going forward. To make sure you have the right stock figure do a stock-take in Unleashed and confirm the costs are correct. Once you have done that you can run a stock on hand enquiry and get the correct stock figure (Inventory | Stock on Hand Enquiry). You can then make the relevant changes in Xero to make them match up.

    Alternatively as a last resort, you can use the account transactions report mentioned in #3 and compare it to the Transaction Enquiry in Unleashed to see where it has differed. Depending on how many transactions you have this could be quite time intensive.


How to turn off the Xero integration in Unleashed

This is to temporarily turn off the Xero integration in your Unleashed account. 

  1. Navigate to the Integration page
  2. Click on Integration Store
  3. Click on the Xero app
  4. Toggle off the Integration status 



How to change your Xero account in Unleashed

If you have more than one Xero account and you either mistakenly integrated the wrong account or need to make a switch.

1) In your Unleashed account:
- Navigate to Integration > Integration Store
- Select the Xero Integration
- Click on the 'Configuration' tab
- Once you are on the Configuration page select the 'Uninstall App' link (outlined in th image below)
- This will then disconnect the current integrate account from the your Xero configuration

2) Once you have disconnected the incorrect Xero account:
- Navigate back to the Xero Integration page
- Click on the green 'Install App' button
- This will then display a new window where you will need need to 'Enable Access' to your Xero account
- After you have enabled access the connection between your Xero and Unleashed account will be established



How to review Supplier or Customer history within Xero

1. Use either the "contacts" menu or the Global Search icon within Xero's menu to locate the Customer or Supplier you wish to find. 
Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_1.34.14_PM.png Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_1.34.01_PM.png

2.  Open the record you wish to review. 

3. Under the "activity" section you will be able to see transactions and any edit history for this record.



How to check for variances between Unleashed and Xero

You can see any transactions (including journals) that are not matching between Unleashed and Xero.

  1. Navigate to Integration
  2. Click Integration Store
  3. Select Xero 
  4. Click on Export Data tab
  5. Select the transaction tab you want to review
    • Invoices, Journals, Customer and etc.
  6. Adjust the date period
  7. Click Reconcile Transactions
    • A notification will appear in the top menu bar. This will show when the reconciliation for that transaction type has been completed.
  8. Refresh the page
  9. Set the date period to the one you reconciled against. 
  10. To identify which transactions are not matching Xero:
    • The variance will not be 0.00
    • There will be no Xero link in the View Column
  11. Click Export if you wish to manually export a transactionmceclip1.png

We recommend completing this process every 1-2 weeks to keep on track for your end of month processes. This will speed up each reconcile and also allow you time to make corrections sooner if needed.  

You can check each type of journal by selecting the transaction from the drop-down within the Journals tab.


How to Export Transactions Manually

  1. Navigate to the Export Data tab
  2. Select your data range and transaction type
  3. In the second to last column, 'Export', click Export on the corresponding line

How to Export Transactions Manually .png

If a transaction has already been exported there will be a 'Xero' link in the final column.



What are the ways you can break the integration between Unleashed and Xero?

There are 3 ways you can break or disconnect your Xero connection to Unleashed:

1) Turn off the status toggle

  • This will simply turn off the integration while still keeping your Xero configuration 
  • Used for basic troubleshooting or refreshing of the integration



2) Uninstalling the Xero app from Unleashed 

  • This will disconnect the integration as well as the Xero configuration.
  • Used for moderate to critical troubleshooting cases and if the integration requires a complete disconnect

** Please note: This step will clear your current Xero configuration settings in Unleashed. Please take note of your current settings before proceeding (take a screenshot if possible) **


3) Disconnecting Unleashed from within Xero

  • This will disconnect Unleashed from Xero in case the above option cannot be performed
  • Also used in instances where more intricate means of troubleshooting are needed and required

Each method would apply to different situations and troubleshooting techniques. We would always recommend trying to disconnect via the first option for most errors that show on the connection log and requires disconnection.

However if unable to troubleshoot from using the first option, we recommend getting in contact with the support team before proceeding with the second and third options from this list. 


Why does the Stock Journal price differ from the Sales Invoice?

The Stock Journal represents the actual costs of the products within the sales transaction. The Sales Invoice will represent the costs that is forwarded to the debtor.


I have missing invoices in Xero?

The first place to check for your missing transaction is;

  1. In the Failed Export Queue/Manage Xero Queue which can be accessed by clicking on it at the bottom of the Unleashed webpage; it shows as a hyperlink within a grey highlighted box.
  2. Click on this link and then try to either export all files or push them through manually.

If any errors are still present, please contact our Experience Team.


Which Xero Accounts are affected by Unleashed Transactions?

Purchases - Triggered when a purchase order is receipted and/or completed

Unleashed  >  Xero >  Account 

  • Purchase orders  >  Bill  >  Stock on Hand account (increases)
  • Purchase order re-costing  >  Bill  >  Stock on Hand account (increases)
  • Supplier return journals  >  Credit > Stock on Hand account (decreases)

Sales - Triggered when a Sales Shipment is dispatched and/or an Invoice is completed or the entire Sales Order is completed.

  • Sales Shipment  >  Stock journal > Cost of Goods Sold account (increases) and Stock on Hand account (decreases)
  • Sales invoice > Receivable  > Sales account (increases)

Credit Note 

  • Credit > Sales account (decreases)
  • Credit note with the return checkbox ticked > Credit journals  >  Cost of Goods Sold account (decreases) and Stock on Hand account (increases)

Stock Adjustments/Assemblies - Triggered by completing a Stock Count, Stock Adjustment, or an Assembly

  • Assembly/disassembly  >  No journal sent as there is no financial change. 
  • Assembly/disassembly with a never diminishing product >  Assembly/disassembly journal  > Expense account (decreases) and Stock on Hand account (increases)
  • Assembly costs >  Bill  > Stock on Hand account (increases)
  • Stock adjustment journals  >  Stock on Hand account and Cost of Goods Sold account (depending on your selection within the transaction for the type of account used, stock on hand account will always be one part of the transaction)

Please refer to our Xero Field Mappings for more information on the fields used by each transaction type.


What Dates Can I Choose for Purchase orders to be sent to Xero?

The date which is selected in a Purchase Order is what will transfer through to Xero.
When the "Supplier Invoice Date" is left blank (i.e. you are manually removing the Supplier invoice date before receipting the order)
1. When a Purchase Order is Receipted, with NO extra Costs, the Purchase Order Journal will go over to Xero. Within Xero the Date will reflect the Day in which that Receipted button was pressed. > When that Purchase Order is then Completed, NO further transaction will go over to Xero2. When a Purchase Order is Receipted with Costs, the Purchase Order Journal will go over to Xero. Within Xero the Date will reflect the Day in which that Receipted button was pressed; a separate journal for the costs will be exported and the date reflected on this journal will be the one specified on the Cost Date field. > When that Purchase Order is then Completed, NO transaction will go over to Xero
3. When a Purchase Order is Receipted with Costs, and more extra Costs are applied After Receipting and Before Completing. The Purchase Order Journal/Invoice will go over to Xero, as well as a separate re-costing journal for the extra costs. >The Dates represented that will display on the these journals are Receipted date for the Purchase Order and specified Cost date for the extra Costs added between receipting and completing the Purchase Order.
>Cost journals and re-Cost journals will be independent of receipted date and two separate journals will be sent to Xero with the respective dates specified on the Cost date field.
>If you add costs from another supplier record which differs from the supplier specified on the Purchase Order, a separate costing journal will go over to Xero with the specified Cost Date.
When the "Supplier Invoice Date" is entered with a Date. 1. When a Purchase Order is Receipted, with no Costs, the Purchase Order Journal will go over to Xero. Within Xero the Date will reflect the "Supplier Invoice Date".> When that Purchase Order is then Completed, NO transaction will go over to Xero2. When a Purchase Order is Receipted, and the costs date matches the Supplier Invoice date on the Purchase Order, one single Journal/Invoice will go over to Xero.
>If the cost date on the costs differs from the Supplier Invoice Date of the Purchase order, a separate journal for the costs will go over to Xero.3. When you add extra Costs to an already receipted and costed purchase order before Completing the purchase order, a separate Re-Cost Journal/invoice will go over to Xero.>The Dates represented here are: Supplier Invoice Date for the Purchase Order, Cost date for the re-cost journal/invoice.
>If you add costs from another supplier record which differs from the supplier specified on the Purchase Order, a separate costing journal will go over to Xero with the specified Cost Date.


What COGs account does a Stock Adjustment use?

You may change your Cost of Goods Sold Account in your Integration Settings and in your Stock Adjustments Page.
These are the two options that you can choose from to change your Cost of Goods Sold Account:
A) Stock Adjustment Page
(Inventory > Transactions > Stock Adjustments)


B) Configuration Settings - this is the default COGS account that you've set up
(Integration > Integration Store > Xero App > Configuration Tab)


The precedence is if you have selected a COGs account from the Stock Adjustment, it will prioritize that first. If there are no COGs selected, it will use the default from your Xero configuration. 

The COGs account on the product level for this transaction will not be taken into account, this is used on other transactions e.g. sales shipment.


How Many Contacts Can Unleashed Send to Xero per Customer?

Unleashed can send up to 5 contacts per customer from Unleashed to Xero. Provided you have the "Export Customer Contact" option enabled within the Unleashed-Xero configuration setting.  

Only the primary contact is displayed under the customer record in Xero.


Which Unleashed Contact is Set as the Primary Contact in Xero?

The default contact is set as the primary contact in Xero. All the other contacts are exported as secondary contacts under the same customer record. 

To view the secondary contacts, click the "edit" button

You will need to enable the "Include in Emails" toggle to auto-add those secondary contacts to their Xero emails.


Why is there a Difference between my Stock On Hand Enquiry in Unleashed and my Stock Balance Sheet in Xero?

Values may not be matching due to many reasons and can be hard to determine exactly why, however, some of the common reasons are:

  • The systems were not matched at the initial setup (variance from the start)
    • Check the opening balances in Xero and in Unleashed.
  • Transactions were manually deleted in Xero
    • Check the 'export data' tab for a full total variance.
  • Manual journal entries added to Xero
    • Check for manual journals not coming from Unleashed.
  • Journals that have not been approved in Xero
    • Check 'drafts' in Xero and approve.
  • Journals have not been sent across to Xero
    • Check the 'Export data' tab, run a reconciliation to find missing transactions.
  • Dates have been changed on the 'Dispatched date' (Shipments) and/or the 'Supplier invoice date' (Purchase order).
    • Check journal dates and compare to Unleashed.
    • Find last time SOH matched.

The reconciliation page for all journals and transactions that are sent across to Xero will need to be used to perform a weekly or monthly reconciliation. 


Why does the Xero Log Show a Variance and No Xero Link if the Transaction has an Exported Status?

The transaction was deleted after it exported to Xero or the you have an existing transaction in Xero with the exact same number in same closed off period. This is why Xero shows the transaction as "received" but cannot provide an active "link" to that transaction within Xero.

  • Restore the deleted transaction if it was voided.
  • Amend the number of the existing transaction to something unique then try re-exporting from Unleashed.
  • Do not modify the journals in any shape or form in Xero.


When are Duplicate Cost Bills Created in Xero?

Duplicate PO cost bill are created in Xero when you try to re-export a PO cost bill via the Xero Reconciliation Tool:

For example, the below-cost bills we exported to Xero account thrice, all manually.

If you look at the History & Notes section of those duplicate bills in Xero, you may be able to see when they were created.

If the date/time varies on each of them, we can tell that they were exported manually in error and something you may need to train your users on. 
If required, you can place role permissions on your users to prevent any unauthorised users to access your Unleashed-Xero integration page.


What Dates Can I Choose for Sales Invoices to be Sent to Xero?

Default Invoice Date: Enables you to either select from two invoice date options that you want the invoice date to default to, and then display on all invoices created in Unleashed. An invoice is exported to Xero on the date it gets completed in Unleashed.

You have the Order Date and Created date options when exporting to your accounting provider.

  • Order Date: Defaults to and displays the date that the order was created in Unleashed.
  • Created Date: Displays the order date that the invoice was created.

Please note that you can find the "Order Date" within the Invoice page:

If you require the Invoice and Order date to match, then our recommendation would be to create the Order then Complete it on the same day. This process will however depend on your business workflow and may not be suitable in some cases. 

If neither of the default options are suitable, then you are able to change the date to suit your Invoice within the "Invoice Date" field. This will then take preference.


What are Archived Contacts in Xero that Show Up in Failed Exports?

These are contacts in Xero that have been marked as archived or deleted. This is a common error message for transactions failing to export to Xero. 

These contacts need to be restored in Xero before the transaction can be exported. 

Archive or restore contacts


What Happens to Stock Value when a Received PO is Posted as a Draft to Xero?

There will be a variance in stock value between Xero and Unleashed. This variance will be reconciled once it is marked as approved/paid. We recommend only reconciling the two systems when things have been closed off within Xero. If they do it before then, generally the systems will never match/have a difference.


What Dates are used in Purchase Orders?

• Order Date - this date on a purchase order is most commonly used as the date a PO was confirmed OR created by you within your Unleashed account.
This date can be edited anytime even if the PO is "completed". Hence, does not hold much significance from the stock movement or financial point of view. 

• Delivery Date - It is the date by which you expect your purchased stock to get delivered to you. By default, the delivery date is the same as the PO order date but it can be edited anytime as well. 

• Supplier Invoice Date - This is a very crucial date as we will export a receipted or completed PO to your accounting software under this date.
Please note you can add any date to your "Supplier Invoice Date" field within a PO and are able to edit it until a Purchase order is "receipted" or "completed".

 Completion Date - Unlike sales orders, we do not record PO completion date as such. This is because a PO is completed after it has been "receipted" hence there is not actual product stock movement between receipted and completed states. You can only add PO costs between these two states.

We in Unleashed would record the PO receipt date which reflects the actual stock on hand movement within Unleashed. 

Please note that unfortunately it is not possible to edit the day in which the goods were receipted into the system and therefore brought into Stock, as this would cause discrepancies with any Transactions that occurred utilising that stock.

Based on the above date explanation and what 'counts' in Unleashed when it comes to date, however, depending on your requirements and what'd you like to report for, you can still edit the order and delivery dates within a Purchase Order by utilising the date function within the Order itself. From here you can edit the dates accordingly and Save the Purchase Order so it is applied;

Also please​ note that on the Purchase Enquiry Report you will be able to run a report based on all the below dates;


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