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How do I update my products Average Landed Cost?



There are two ways to update a product’s Average Landed Cost.

1. Import Stock Revaluation

2. Value-only Stock Adjustment

Unleashed is an accrual-based perpetual inventory management system so it will not apply changes retrospectively.

This means you will not be able to fix any transactions that have already been Completed, however, you can ensure these will be correct going forward.



Import Stock Revaluation

1. Navigate to Inventory>Transactions>Import Stock Revaluations



2. Click Download Stock Valuation Template File



3. Enter the required values in the NewAverageLandCost column and save this document


For more information, see Import Stock Revaluation Field Definitions.


4. Return to Unleashed and Click Drop file here or click to upload to upload your new Average Landed Costs


Please refer to the below articles for more information about the Import Stock Revaluation process:

Value-only Stock Adjustment

A value-only stock adjustment is used to adjust the Average Landed Cost of products you currently have stock on hand for.

In this case, you will create a Stock Adjustment for the value of the products, while keeping the quantity of these products unchanged. This way, only the value of the stock has been edited and not the quantity, which then will then ensure thats the product's Average Landed Cost is updated.

It is highly recommended that while actioning this process, that you review the Average Landed Cost section on the far right hand side of the grid to ensure that when you complete this Stock Adjustment, that this is the outcome you desire.

Please refer to the Stock Adjustments help file for more information.

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